Staff Roster



Main Office: 214.637.2911


Management Team
Tim Allen Executive Director  x. 1100 Send Email
Diane Jones Associate Executive Director x. 1110 Send Email
Candy Frederick Director of Finance x. 1130 Send Email
Adam Wilson Director of Operations x. 1120 Send Email
Kathi Sebastian Director of Development x. 1180 Send Email
Administrative and Facilities
Patty Guerrero Finance Asst./Office Manager x. 1150 Send Email
Nita McHenry Reception/Office Asst. x. 1160 Send Email
German Sanchez Facilities/Maintenance  x. 1240 Send Email
Case Managers
Patrick Wilson Lead Case Manager x. 1410 Send Email
Cheryl Wiley Case Manager x. 1420 Send Email
Kathy Lopez Case Manager x. 1530 Send Email
Bertha Givens Case Manager x. 1270 Send Email
Employment Placement Program Staff
Lisa Cain Employment Consultant x. 1170 Send Email
George Hillman Employment Consultant x. 1290 Send Email
Kristerra McKinney Employment Consultant x. 1260 Send Email
Ramone Reece Employment Consultant x. 1200 Send Email
Lamar Elder Employment Consultant x. 1280 Send Email

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