Employment Placement Program

Support and Services for Community Employment Placement

We offer hands-on community employment placement services for adults with disabilities who choose to work in the community or graduate from work training in our Work Center Vocational Training Program.

Initial supports include:
  • Initial assessment of skills, interest, needs and work history
  • Resume writing and review
  • Online and offline job search training with guidance towards jobs that are a best fit
  • Step by step training to complete online and offline employment applications
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Transportation assistance
Follow along/follow up supports:

Once clients are placed in a job, our goal is to ensure clients receive the support and guidance necessary to retain employment.  Post-placement services and support is provided as long as clients remain employed, which may be for decades.

Challenges such as transportation, scheduling changes, management changes, assignment of new tasks and personal/behavioral issues are all addressed by dedicated Employment Counselors.

Our staff also serve as community advocates for the employment of adults with disabilities.

Our Resources
  • Citizens Development Center has three full-time UNT certified Employment Counselors.
  • Citizens Development Center is an authorized Ticket to Work employment network service provider LEARN MORE
  • We have one full time Business Development Consultant who is dedicated to building meaningful partnerships with hiring managers at local companies to create a pipeline of job leads for our clients.
  • We provide internet access and computer work stations for clients to complete online applications and develop their resumés.
  • Clients can come to our offices to meet and work privately with employment counselors or our counselors can go to clients at more convenient meeting location such as their place of work.

 Getting Started and Eligibility

To receive Employment Program services from Citizens Development Center:

You must have a disability and be referred to us by an agency such as the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services (DARS). DARS offices are located throughout the Metroplex. Click to find the DARS office closest to you (you will be redirected to the DARS website):

Find a DARS Office


You are eligible for the Ticket to Work Program. Citizens Development Center can now offer Ticket to Work program beneficiaries employment services as an employment network service provider.  In most cases, individuals with disabilities who receive Social Security Disability or SSI disability benefits qualify for the Ticket to Work Program.  Please visit our Ticket to Work page for more information and resources from the Social Security Administration:

Ticket to Work Page

Veteran Outreach

Citizens Development Center is proud to provide employment services and job search assistance to veterans with disabilities. Veterans may apply directly for services without going through a referral agency.

If you are a veteran with a documented disability (DD214) and are motivated to work, please contact our offices at 214.637.2911 and ask to speak with our Veteran Intake Coordinator.

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