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About Our Programs

Why You Should Support Citizens Development Center

A client at CDC

We want to work.

Having a physical or intellectual disability does not lessen the desire to work and lead a fulfilling adult life. However, finding stable and meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities is difficult, and in some cases, it may feel impossible.

Our programs are not a handout.

Coming to work and demonstrating progress towards goals is the only way our clients can benefit from our services. The people we serve take remarkable pride in a job well done, in the money they earn — and in becoming more independent.

We count on our generous donors and volunteers.

In order to provide quality programs and maintain our facilities, we depend on generous corporations and individuals in our community who believe in our mission to empower adults with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence and employment.



Community Need

10% of Dallas County residents between the ages 16 and 64 have a disability.  Our programs primarily serve this age group and geographic region.  (source:  United Way Community Needs Assessment)

In Dallas County, there are currently over 5,200 individuals on a waiting list for programs serving adults with disabilities, and 25% have specifically requested to enroll in a program that provides vocational training (like CDC). Adults with disabilities face significant barriers to employment and overall life satisfaction.

Adults with disabilities are 33% more likely to be unemployed than those without a disability. (source:  United Way Community Needs Assessment)

Families/caregivers are desperate to find a safe, nurturing environment for their dependents after they complete high school. CDC is one of the few community resources meeting this need by providing clients the opportunity to work every every day, earn a paycheck and develop skills to become more independent.



Who We Serve

In FY 2013, Citizens Development Center served 434 adults with intellectual, physical and/or mental health disabilities by providing on-site vocational training and community employment placement support.  This represents a 21% increase when compared to FY 2012.


How We Help Families of Adults with Disabilities



Our Work Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, allowing caregivers and families to also work outside of the home on a regular schedule.

Most importantly, caregivers know their loved ones are in a safe, nurturing environment and learning valuable life, social and vocational skills. Clients come to our center every day with a sense of purpose and return home with a paycheck and pride.



Where Your Money Goes

Program Services 85%

Program Services 84%

Management and General 8%


Development & Marketing 7%